De-Stressing feast part 3: Banana Lassi

Lassi, a milkshake or smoothie like drink which originated from the Punjab regions of India and Pakistan, are traditional yoghurt based shakes in either sweet or salted. It is made by blending yoghurt with water and Indian spices but you can have all sorts of variations, so I decided to make a Banana Lassi with a little twist. Feel free to experiment and have a little fun with your Lassi. This great drink ended our feast on a very good note, it did a great job pushing down the Red velvet Cupcake.

A few tips...

Found this pretty insightful...a few things to know about herbs and spices...

Herbs and Spices
Storage Tips:
Store spices in a cool, dark place. Humidity, light and heat will cause herbs and spices to lose their flavor more quickly. Although the most convenient place for your spice rack may be above your stove, moving your spices to a different location may keep them fresh longer. 

Gizzard Kebabs...

These are great for little get-togethers and parties, and everyone will love em! Very easy to make as well, and would save you the cost of buying already made they are fun to make! Can't remember how i even got the recipe, but, who cares huh??? lol

De-stressing feast part 2: Ground Beef Veggie Sauce served with Cheesy Mashed Potatoes & Sweet Corn

We are back for the continuation of our De-stressing feast. I started off with irresistible Red Velvet Cupcakes now I am on to the main meal. This was my best part of the feast. You can serve the beef sauce with anything you wish, you can even use it for a Shepherd's Pie. Actually this happens to be a slightly modified Shepherd's Pie recipe. So let's get cooking.

De-stressing feast part 1: Red Velvet Cupcake

Sometimes I love to cook to de-stress but it gets boring when you have to eat it all by yourself. When you've been in Uni almost quarter of your life just studying like you don't have a life, sometimes just sometimes you need a time-out.

I call it a feast for the fact that we (I and 12 of my pals, yes TWELVE) didn't just have Baked Red Velvet Cupcakes, there was a main meal with some of my favourite ingredients which I had stated in one of my previous posts.

Pasta with Roasted Garlic, White Cheddar & Wine Sauce

This recipe was quite an adventure. When I saw the recipe in my stream on Google+ shared by +Lee Allison  I was like: "Oh boy, Pasta, Garlic, Cheese and Grilled Chicken all in one plate. AWESOME!!! Am definitely going to cook this. Thanks for sharing." If potatoes and bacon had found their way on that plate I would have drooled all over my keyboard. When you see a dish with a ton of your favourite ingredients you definitely have to cook it, no two ways about that.


Little Italian doughnuts. This delicious desert that I got from 'Mario Batali Cooks' iPhone application, with it's funny name, is very easy fun to make just like it's name. The good thing too is it goes down well with anything like coffee, juice, ice cream you name it. Sometimes these are made with a stuffing of jam or custard. These, however, are just plain and really good with some coffee. Lets' not waist time and get to it.

Beef stew with vegetables, served with spaghetti

So this is another yummy recipe I got from a friend of mine…yeah I have gotten a lot of recipes from friends, lol. It’s very easy, and is simply great with spaghetti!

Chicken Curry Sauce

So I got this recipe from my bff, Gaby Ok, who got it from her aunt, who got it from…I dunno. All I know is that it sure tastes good! I kinda tweaked it a lil bit though...never be afraid of experimenting with flavours and colours! Had been looking for a chicken curry recipe for so long, this was like the answer to a prayer. You’ll see why! Or rather, taste why! Hehehe

Coconut Cloud Cake

I woke up one morning about two weeks ago feeling very slow, one would say I was 'under the weather'.So I decide to call a very good friend of mine and she was also kinda slow, now how does that help. I stay calm and we tried to talk but still no change….awkward silence then the bulb lights up. We both agree it’s a great plan and schedule a date.

Yummy Brownies

I have never really been a fan of brownies until I stumbled upon this recipe from a blog by Amanda Peterson. it's quick, easy, and most importantly absolutely yummy! i can't stop making...and eating em! so because i'm an extremely nice person, i've decided to share. happy baking!

The Grub Ninjas!

Well well so we, I (Cecil Tim-Pappoe) and Oby, managed to start a food blog and I am sooooo excited it's difficult to contain it. You may be wondering, it's just a food blog why is he so excited (craaazyyy). If only you knew. When it comes to food I like to think of our relationship as a LIFETIME LOVE AFFAIR. Nowadays that's hard to find, the love affair (and someone you share the same passion/obsession with) I mean not the food , as for food you can find that anywhere. But you see this blog is not just about food's about, as Oby would say, AWESOMAZING FOOD, that you don't just find anywhere. Yeah i know, i know I am bragging, well.... So yes am excited cause I LOVE FOOD WITH THE PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS! Welcome to 'Life & Cooking It', you shall be entertained!


We are two great minds with one thing in common...we love food! buying it, cooking it, taking pictures of it, and most of all, eating it! So we thought we'd share this love with the rest of the world...and thus the blog was born!(theme music). Kinda new to the whole blogging experience, so fingers crossed! Welcome to 'life & cooking it!'