Gizzard Kebabs...

These are great for little get-togethers and parties, and everyone will love em! Very easy to make as well, and would save you the cost of buying already made they are fun to make! Can't remember how i even got the recipe, but, who cares huh??? lol

Ingredients (i'm not going to give exact measurements here because it depends on the amount of gizzard  you have and want to use. So once you've decided on that, everything else is pretty easy, so like i always say, just BE BOLD!!!!)

Gizzard pieces
Stock cube (as always, i prefer maggi chicken...and no! they haven't paid me! lol)
Black pepper
Maggi Aromè seasoning (comes in a small bottle)
Green pepper, cut into chunks, for garnishing
Onions, also cut into chunks, for garnishing( you can decide to use something else for garnishing, if you want...maybe even add tomatoes as well, which would add some more colour and look very nice!)
Kebab pepper, you would have to ask for this in the market

Kebab sticks

  • First, steam gizzard with blended garlic, ginger and onions, plus salt and maggi chicken cube for seasoning. Add a bit of water as well. When cooked, remove from stock and drain. Save the stock for later.
  • Next step is to sauté the gizzard...add a little oil to a pan and stir-fry on high heat till slightly browned. (Note that the quantity of oil would increase depending on the amount of gizzard being cooked). Season with black pepper and some of the maggi aromè seasoning. Keep tasting to make sure all's!
  • Now put the gizzard pieces on the sticks, one at a time, with green pepper and onion chunks in between each piece.
  • Remember the stock that was saved???  Dip the kebab in the stock, and then lightly coat all around with your kebab pepper. 
  • When you've finished making all the kebabs, line them up in an oven tray, and lightly drizzle with some oil, and maggi aromè seasoning. Place it in the oven at about 175 degrees Celsius for 5-10 minutes, and that's it!
ENJOY!!!! Sorry i don't have any pictures! Have fun making em!