The Grub Ninjas!

Well well so we, I (Cecil Tim-Pappoe) and Oby, managed to start a food blog and I am sooooo excited it's difficult to contain it. You may be wondering, it's just a food blog why is he so excited (craaazyyy). If only you knew. When it comes to food I like to think of our relationship as a LIFETIME LOVE AFFAIR. Nowadays that's hard to find, the love affair (and someone you share the same passion/obsession with) I mean not the food , as for food you can find that anywhere. But you see this blog is not just about food's about, as Oby would say, AWESOMAZING FOOD, that you don't just find anywhere. Yeah i know, i know I am bragging, well.... So yes am excited cause I LOVE FOOD WITH THE PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS! Welcome to 'Life & Cooking It', you shall be entertained!