Pumpkin Soup

Happy Halloween


Guys its me again, the EXOTIC guest blogger! Guess what? When I went to work today we cooked with our handicapped children some Pumpkin Soup. And I thought this will be a very good recipe for here... It was so delicious that I had to buy the things I need and cook it when I came home! Besides I had to post it today because Halloween is pumpkin time. By the way, the pumpkin on top is what was left after we removed the inside for the soup. So lets start......

Delicious Turkey Vegetable Stew

Hey, hey!!!  I´m new on this page and one of your Food Junkies asked me to introduce myself before i start to introduce my Stew to you! Well, he even made a suggestion. So just call me EXOTIC guest blogger :D
First I want to apologize for my English... cause its not easy to translate a recipes from German into English. And my cooking style is more on a gut level then to measure everything! But I´ll try my best!!! So lets start and see what happens...

Meat pie

Hey guys!!! missed me huh? missed blogging too...been so busy, it's crazy! so, back to business...i've been wanting to make some meat pies for a while now, made some some years back, but i still have been on the hunt for the perfect recipe for the perfect crust + filling...and i just found it some days ago! imagine my excitement!!!

Coffee Junkie: Coffee Pancakes

Who doesn't love coffee? Well I know I do. I just try not to over indulge but it is hard when you see a recipe that has the one ingredient you love. I was pretty excited to see this almighty pancake recipe which called for coffee. Without thinking twice I found myself planning breakfast. I love Sundays because it's on these days that I can really chillax and be busy doing NOTHING :D! So what better time to have these delicious pancakes than on a day as great as Sunday. It was on this same day that I also decided to go sniff some flowers (with the camera) early in the am.

The Best I ever made!

Hello lovely people it been a while. We've been a little busy with work, studying, moving and settling, you get my drift. Now we back in business with full force. A few things conspired while we were away and the most significant is what has brought us back here, cooking and we got ourselves a DSLR camera specifically the Canon EOS Rebel T3 meaning our  photos have gotten a makeover how cool is that!!! About the cooking there wa  a lot of it and this time I had a very very very good and awesome friend to be a part of it. She sends her greetings from Germany.