Iced tea

WARNING: This drink is addictive. Consumer discretion is advised.

This is a recipe that has been passed from person to person, class to class, and has been used for many events at the School of Medical Sciences, Kumasi, where i trained. If ever there was a party, games, drink-up, whatever, iced tea had to be there! At this point i'd like to recognize the person who brought this recipe to us, Lydia Gyan-Kesse...thanks a lot!!!
I'm pretty sure with all the passing around, the recipe has been tweaked from what was originally shared. But the essentials still remain, and i'm just going to share how i have been making it...and it tastes absolutely awesomazing! You really can't stop asking for more.

You will need 
(this makes quite a lot...probably for about 25-30 or so people). Unfortunately i have a very poor sense of estimation and i always make this using my discretion for the measurements so you would have to bear with me.

Lipton yellow label tea (or any other black tea) - 1 pack (25 tea bags)
2 dozen large lemons
Granulated white sugar
Boiling hot water
Ice cubes/blocks
Clean drinking water


  1. Take aside about 6 of the lemons and cut up into thin wedges/half-circles. Keep aside. Squeeze out the remaining lemons.
  2. Put the tea-bags in boiling hot water and allow to steep for about 2-3 minutes. Take out tea-bags.
  3. Pour in lemon juice and mix with tea. Next, add the sugar...the point is to keep on adding sugar until it tastes TOO sweet to drink. This makes the concentrated stock which will then be diluted.
  4. Next add the ice blocks/cubes/crushed ice and stir...then add the clean water and dilute to taste. Note that the ice would melt and dilute further so you don't want to over-do the water.
  5. Add the cut-up lemon slices to garnish. Stir, pour into cups and ENJOY!!!