Last Supper!

Whew! Since Monday that I arrived in Kumasi I haven't really had any good rest. The week was long and exhausting, from buying of stuff in preparation for my Oath Swearing to packing of my personal effects back to Accra (home).

My Big Day (Oath Swearing) was great :D. After all the exhaustion I definitely needed to have a binge so I and two of my fellow fresh Doctors and two good non-doctor friends decided to have a last supper. We set off not knowing where to go so we allowed the wind to carry us then I remembered a cool place near the Stadium in the same compound as Ababio Express. This restaurant is called Aboude! Great place, Their chicken reminds me of another good restaurant in Accra (Papaye) and a great friend who loves meat the same I do.

This was my second time going there. The first time I had half chicken with chips. Really good chicken, really good, well spiced. One of my non-doctor friends ordered this:

Half Chicken with Chips

Half Chicken with Chips

Since I always like to try new things I ordered a cheese burger on this second visit to the place. Unfortunately there were no buns for the cheese burger I guess cause it was late. So the owner (very funny dude) suggested he would wrap it in pita bread with some chips, two of my friends had a 'Crispy Sandwich' also wrapped in pita bread.

Crispy Sandwich (wrapped)
We 'downed' the sandwiches and food with an amazing orange juice. It was really chilled and we even went for a second round of juice. They also have this tangerine and orange mix, mehn it's pure bliss had that my first time there.

Pita wrapped cheese burger with juice
So that's Aboude for you. Obviously this post will be of use to those who find themselves in Kumasi, otherwise you just have to drool over your keyboard looking at the photos. So do check it out and let us know what you think of the place.