Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Hello lovely foodies. been a while since we shared a good meal with you, sorry about that some of us are so busy with work and the other seems to be a little under the weather. But no excuses because when you love something you try to make time for it. So here we are making time and giving away a free prize to you guys cause we love you so much.

We thought, what other way to give back to our wonderful fans who have come with us this far? With this Prize you will be able to actually cook/bake along with us so you don't get left behind in all the fun. Want to know what we giving out? Well it's really nice bakeware and cooking apparatuses. But there's a small catch though.... :D.

So this is the catch, to enter the Giveaway you will have to first 'Join this site' (follow) our blog located at the top left, that is if you do not already. Now that you have qualified, the games begin. Each qualified individual will need to invite at least two friends to like our Facebook Page, Life & Cooking it, and also follow the blog. When you invite please send us a message on our Facebook page letting us know whom you invited so we can keep track. As simple as that. The one with the most invites wins, but remember they have to follow the blog and like the Facebook Page...these two things must be fulfilled. So for example if they only follow the blog or only like the Page it wouldn't count, and if you yourself also haven't followed the blog first, it won't count.
Hope we all get it???? LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

Oh and this is just by the way, not part of the competition but if you have a twitter handle you can follow as on twitter @LifenCookingIt