Words of Encouragement

Heyyyyy Food-Lovers
It's been a while! Hope you are all fine and tried new recipes. As for me, I have tried different dishes, cakes, cupcakes, smoothies..... And I eat them with so much excitement and joy! My mouth is still watery if I think of all that delicious meals.

But today I'm not coming with a new recipe for you. I'm coming with words of encouragements for all your cooking. Each one of you is blessed with the love for good food. You are able to taste awesome ingredients and bad once. Isn't that Awesomazing?! Seriously you have a talent. Its time for you to see that! Not everybody knows how to combine ingredients in such a way that some delicious food turns out of it!
Yes, you may have just started and you have to do plenty of research. But it shows that you have a passion! Keep that fire burning!!!!

I´m sure you also already had some kitchen disasters.... Let me tell you a story how I started to cook rice which is loose. I was only used to cooking packed rice. This type of rice is just like regular rice but only difference is it is packaged in perforated bags which you just drop in boiling water and cook, easy peasy. When it is done you pour the water open your package a serve. So one day I tried the other one and I burned it! I really really messed up! I used too less water, and the heat was too much. So the rice wasn't even cooked before it got burned! And this was such a simple thing... it was only rice! I guess you also experienced something like that!

So can you see that everybody is starting from somewhere. Some years back I wasn't as good as I am now. This my Rice-Disaster even helped me to get better. Everything that goes wrong isn't bad! Yes, in the situation itself it can be disappointing and it makes you sad. I also feel like that. But don't forget to also see it from the other side! Everything that is negative will stick in your head, even more than the positive things. And when you come to a similar situation you will be reminded of what happened in the past, and I promise you, that you won't do the same mistake again!!!!! That means mistakes are making you a better person then before this is because we have a positive attitude towards improving and being a better version of ourselves. They are teaching you a lesson!

If you put too much salt into a dish, you won't do it again! If you leave the cake inside the oven for too long, next time you know you shouldn't do that again! I want to encourage you not to be afraid of doing mistakes! All you have to do is stay positive, identify what went wrong and fix it. If you can't identify it by yourself ask someone whom you think can help, ask us (we have a facebook page), google it Its normal to make mistakes.... so go out, buy the spices you always see in the shop and think you wanna try it one day! Cook the dish which is in your head for very long but you hesitant about! Go and cook the same dish again which went wrong the other time!!!! You will see it will turn out so good.

The second thing I want to encourage you is to go crazy with food! Don't always depend completely on recipes. Modify the recipe, try your own things, invent or develop new or old recipes! Play with ingredients. Just have fun during whatever you are doing! Because the old saying is very true: Learning by doing!
So, my dear Food-Lovers please don't be afraid. Everything that happens, happens for a reason and in your case it is to make you a better Cook or Baker ;-)

To conclude I want to make you happy with some sweet pictures of cupcakes I made with food color! Honestly i'm in love with food colors! I know I have to get better in the way I squeeze the icing on top of the cupcakes but hey still i'm learning! :)

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Rainbow Cupcakes

With rainbow icing

Hulk Smash

Papa Smurf

Purple haze